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The Company was founded in 2006 by the entrepreneur Helmut Fricke. Helmut Fricke is active in the medical industry since the 1980th managing several major medical companies (e.g. BIOMET, Maquet, GfE).

Due to his Know How not only in metal technologies but also in manufacturing, the leading mechanical retractor company contacted him in 2004. They were looking for stronger joints and easier handling options for their products. Another leading Surgeon in pelvic surgery gave another valuabel recommendation for getting the acceptance in the orthopedic field: "We need something with a push button!"

The principles of all table mounted mechanical retractor systems were invented in the early 1980th. Today the design and the mechanical function of these tools are basically still the same as 33 years ago! In particular there is no significant improvement of the complicated handling and adjustment as well as the ongoing weakness regarding the strength and resilience of the joints.

While "soft tissue" surgery (General, GYN, Urology etc.) always used retractor systems for wound management in the past, orthopedic surgery was never using them because of mechanical weakness and the complicated readjustment procedures during surgery.

In 2006 the pneumatic TiREX®-Retractor System was ready to go, including push button technology and unique CO2-gas-cylinder power source, including CE-marking and FDA-approval! Subsequently the company was founded which applied for and received the two worldwide technology Patents mentioned above. The basic business idea for the TiREX® was based on the observation that general surgery and especially orthopedic surgery depend almost exclusively on manual help. Help from a so-called „hook holding“ doctors. Accordingly the new product needed to have at least the same strength and the handling was supposed to be „easy and quick. TiREX® is supposed to change the way in which surgery is performed in the future.

HIGH QUALITY – MADE IN GERMANY – Our technology is developed and manufactured purely in Germany. It offers a wide range of new possibilities for the orthopedic surgery – Absolut precision in just one second. 

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