Pay per Use

This option is made for those users who are planing to use the TiREX® System 2 or more times per week.

In this case the TiREX® retractor system will be delivered to you free of cost. You only pay the cost for the needed CO2-Cylinders. All other costs for maintenance, repair or exchange will not be charged to you. You can be assured to allways have the newest retractor model at your site.

The System is delivered with the following components:

1. 1 x TiREX® frame

2. 1 x TiREX® Tablepost mechanical OR pneumatical

3. 6 x TiREX® Automatic Fixing Device

4. 10 x TiREX® Retractor Blades of your choice

The costs for the CO2-Cylinders are from 49,00 Euro plus VAT. You will need 1 CO2-Cylinder per case*.

* In case you are using the pneumatical table post, you will need 2 CO2-Cylinders per case

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